Trinidad Barranco


Translation and revision

» General texts

» Technical texts and manuals

» Official certificates

» Literary texts

» Comics and cartoons

Transcreation and marketing translation

» Marketing content

» SEO/SEM content

» Advertisement texts

» Commercials or locutions

Content writing

» Drawing-up of creative texts in order to capture the reader’s attention / Copywriting

» Adapting advertising campaigns to the target audience


» Creating and inserting subtitles in your videos or films

» Developing the whole subtitling process, including the spotting (adding the time-stamps)

Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

» Creating subtitles for viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, taking into account their condition and necessities

Adaptation for dubbing or voice-over

» TV shows, films, documentaries

» Children content

» Translation of songs

» Multimedia content for DVD or VOD platforms


» Drafting audiodescription scripts and audio guides, for blind people or people with visual impairment


» Website localization

» Software and mobile apps localization

» Videogame localization


» Converting multimedia content (audio or video) into written, legible text, with the maximum quality