Top quality Linguistic Services, using English & Spanish as working languages.


Adaptation of texts with any nature, carefully translated in a professional and natural way, obtaining an excellent result so that you will end up satisfied.


Comparison and quality control in texts which were already translated by other professionals or myself. When using my revision, you will get a spotless translation.


“Four eyes see better than two”. A review of the grammar, typographical syntax and formatting of your document will assure that it is completely error-free and ready for publication.


Do you need a final touch in your novel or thesis? Do you believe that your composition could be slightly more professional? Do not hesitate to contact me and I will upgrade your texts!

Software localisation

Translation of your website or software, taking into account the culture of your target audience and using key words and SEO, so that you will improve for sure your results in browsing searchs.

Videogames localisation

Translation or adaptation of videogames and all kind of online games, including those for video game consoles, PC, emulators, mini-games, apps, iGaming and much more.


In order to open the door to your filmmaking jobs, documentaries, TV series, videogames and other multimedia products, it is essential to add subtitles or translate your scripts.
Don’t think twice about it!

Dubbing & Voice-over

If you want your film or video to reach other cultures without having to read the subs, I will adapt your script so that the dubbing is perfectly adjusted and sounds as natural as the original version.


Adaptation of your content for visually impaired persons, applied to written text, films, scenic performance or the description of the environment (audioguide), always according to the ISO standard.

Subtitles for the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)

By using this kind of subs, you can make your content more accessible and can properly adapt to the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons, since I will make it according to the ISO.


Do you want to see your business rocketing in a fast and creative way? Do you want to be made known with the newest marketing tools? You will get it by translating and increasing your content!

Other services

Apart of the aforementioned, I can offer a wide range of linguistic services, as content writing, linguistic consulting, arrangement of big volumes of information or advicing abour your transmedia products.