Audiovisual translator interested in cinema and multimedia products. Experienced in translation, revision and content writing, and also in the information research and arrangement.



Working languages: ES/EN. Professional language proficiency and grammar skills.


Good computing skills, including specific translation software and text editors.

Social competence

Experiencie in customer-facing roles, in different jobs including translation agencies.


I am able to work within a team, and also on my own (in a freelance basis).


I am available anytime to assist you, you may easily contact me – even for urgent jobs!


I feel comfortable while taking new charges or carrying out different tasks.


My work is developed with an eye to details, extra care and meticulous quality assurance.


Good attitude while facing new challenges and getting moving to complete a job.


Degree in Translation & Interpreting

Completed at University of Malaga between 2012 and 2016. Expertise in Audiovisual Translation.

Master’s Degree in Professional Translation

Completed at University of Granada in the academic year 2016-2017. Expertise in Audiovisual Translation and Accessibility.



V Seminar in Audiovisual Translation, by P4 Traducciones (Sevilla)

Language Proficiency Certificate

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) by Cambridge English


Tools for Localisation and Audiovisual Translation (Traduversia)


Translation & Transcreation for Marketing and Advertisement (Traduversia)


Translator & Secretary

Two months working in M4 Translations, the Translation & Interpreting Department at Manchester City Council. I carried out tasks related to translation and interpreting, arrangement of documents and customer assistance (curricular internship).

Audiovisual Translator

Several months working at Asociación Guadalcine, helping in the production of the film festival Cinemistica (IV Edition). I gained experience in film subtitling, localisation, marketing, management and filmmaking production.

Translator & Project Manager

Over one year working in Transcripta Translation Services Ltd., Malta. Expertise in Translation & Revision EN-ES, Project Management, office tasks (certification, apostille, deliveries) and customer assistance.

Current situation

Completely available to carry out all you jobs in a freelance basis, specially in the fields of Audiovisual Translation, Localisation or Accessibility.
You can contact me with one click!
Do not hesitate to call me!


PR Agent

Broadcasting of information and customer assistance in the activities for Manchester Day, conducted by Manchester City Council
(June 2016).

Content writer & PR Agent

Collab with the International Short Film Festival “Kinemastik” (Floriana, Malta). I composed an article about the event in Spanish and helped with the festival broadcasting (July 2018).